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Tyler Community Tennis Association
Annual General Meeting and
Board and Officer’s Meeting
October 26, 2011
(modified November 16, 2011)

Present were: Chris Bizot, Kathy Cox, Rita Henderson(by proxy), Jake Holladay, Sam Hopkins, Edward Keyser, Janet Keyser, Bill Liggett

  • Meeting Called to order on November 16th, 2011 at 11:30
  • 11:31 Chairman of Board granted honorary membership in the TCTA to all present.
  • 11:34 Board of Directors nominated and unanimously approved as follows:
    • Rita Henderson: appointed in year beginning 10/2009, term expires 9/31/2013
    • Sam Hopkins: appointed in year beginning 10/2009, term expires 9/3/2014,
    • Chris Gill: appointed in year beginning 10/2009, term expires 9/31/2012
    • Bill Liggett: current President of the TCTA (Section 7.1 president shall be a …)
  • Reports of officers:
    • 11:35 President’s report - enabled and excited about contributions to be made this year.
    • 11:36 Treasurer's report - $2,200 in the bank as of year end.
    • 11:38 Secretary’s report - no report.
  • 11:40 meeting adjourned. (All necessary motions and approvals were made by Chris and seconded by Janet.\

Directors / Officers Meeting

  • Meeting called to order at 11:40
  • 11:41 Board acknowledges resignation of Judy Hooks as out going Vice President.
  • 11:43 Officers nominated and elected by the board are:
    • President - Bill Liggett
    • Vice-President -
      discussion about alternatives for filling this position
    • Secretary - Edward Keyser
    • Treasurer - Kathy Cox
  • 11:47 Old business
  • New business
    • 11:48 Kathy reported current bank has changed their policies and service charges for the account will be $12+ per month. Unanimously approved that Kathy take whatever steps like move the account or complete paperwork at current bank to (1) minimize expenses to the association and (2) be most convenient for Board and officers.
    • 11:49 Chris’s ideas on how the TCTA could contribute to the Tyler tennis community
      • facilitate cross promotion for Quickstart events and kids tennis generally
      • facilitate community wide communication to promote tennis and specifically events like play days and tournaments. For example: flyers to schools. Could the TCTA be a conduit to TISD for getting information and opportunities from the various tennis sources to the students and families?
      • four excellent college teams in Tyler. (TJC & UTT men’s and women’s) How can the TCTA use this resource and can the TCTA increase the attendance at the team matches? Discussion followed mostly around how the players could contribute to tennis in the community. College matches are an underutilized opportunity for the general public, tennis community, and aspiring young players to see some great tennis.
    • 12:08 What are we going to do? What goals does the TCTA have for 2012?
    • 12:09 Jake offered and suggested Faulkner’s association with the city could help promote the TCTA.
    • 12:12 Next meeting scheduled for January 25, 2012 at 11:30 at Faulkner.
    • 12:14 Meeting adjourned.