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Tyler Community Tennis Association
Board and Officers Meeting - March 25, 2010
Minutes - (modified March 28,2010)

Present were: Kathy Cox, Paula Edwards, Rita Henderson, Judy Hooks (by proxy) , Sam Hopkins, Edward Keyser, Janet Keyser

Call to order at 11:40
Treasurer’s report:

  • Bank Account - status
    • account is current and has Paula and Kathy as signatures
    • Guarantee Bank is now BBVA Compass
  • IRS - status
    • last filing was for tax year ending in 2003
    • March 4, 2010 Kathy and Edward filed 990N-epostcard with IRS
      making TCTA current (taxes filed through Sep 30, 2009)
    • Next required filing after Sep. 30, 2010 (end of our fiscal year)
  • Texas - status
    • Corporate charter with Texas was filed in 1997
    • Kathy filed necessary report and paid fine $25 for involuntary termination to bring the TCTA current with Texas.
    • Address of record was Ken O.’s personal address so correspondence from State was "lost". Address changed to 410 W Cumberland Rd.
    • Corporations in Texas must have 3 board members. Submitted Chris, Rita , and Sam with addresses for each member of 410 W Cumberland Rd.
    • sales tax considerations and regulations. 2 fundraisers / yr for "free"
  • USTA - status
    • March 17th, renewed TCTA’s organizational membership with USTA
  • Other progress
    • reviewed files at Faulkner

New business: 11:56

  • Fundraising ideas: garage sale and Tournaments
  • recommendation to register TCTA with USTA. Paula volunteered to look into this
  • confirm board of directors
    • Chris Gill, Rita Henderson, Sam Hopkins
  • amend bylaws
    • Article 2:
      permanent address to 410 W Cumberland Dr, Tyler, Tx, 75703
    • Article 5.7
      add email and fax to correspondence
    • Article 11.3 "Roberts’" to "Robert’s"
  • discuss possible candidates for officers
    • who has the time, energy and focus to "drive" the TCTA
    • TCTA’s mandate is "promoting youth tennis" which falls in line with initiatives by the USTA and Faulkner Tennis Center and the North East Tennis Coalition. It was agreed that the new president will have tremendous support with youth initiatives.

Next meeting tentatively scheduled for June 24th, 2010.

Meeting adjourned at 12:18