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Tyler Community Tennis Association
Board and Officers Meeting - June 9, 2011
Minutes - (modified June 9,2011)

Present were: Kathy Cox, Paula Edwards, Rita Henderson(by proxy), Jake Holladay, Judy Hooks, Sam Hopkins, Edward Keyser, Janet Keyser, Bill Liggett

Call to order at 11:49
* Treasurer’s report accepted as given:
- - Bank report: current balances, revenue, expenses since last meeting.
- - IRS: are we meeting the necessary requirements to maintain our status
- - Filed ePostcard with IRS

* Discussion about QuickStart and equipment at All Saints (12:04)
* Edward authorized to obtain a TCTA email account at gMail or Yahoo (12:07)
* Websites are available through the USTA (12:13)
* Address of record will remain Falkner Tennis (12:16)
* Paula resigns as President, Board appoints Bill Liggett (Section 7.1) who commented: (12:18)
- - admires accomplishments of Pros at Faulkner (FTC)
- - believes FTC can again be a "Bright Shinning Star"
- - interested in synergy between TCTA and FTC

* Renew membership with USTA for 1 year (Kathy)
* Register with USTA (Edward)
* Expenditures for FTC court board and bench in ladies room.
* Next meeting at FTC on July 13, 2011 at 11:30 am.
* Meeting adjourned at 12:50

*Motions made, seconded and unanimously approved