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Minutes from Meeting held January 25, 2012

(modified: January 26, 2012)

Present were: Bill L, Chris B., Chris S., Edward K., Janet K, Kathy C., Rita H.(by proxy), Sam H. Robyn R.

  1. 11:30 Meeting called to order - followed by general discussion

  2. 11:50 Faulkner Tennis Center - TCTA relationship

    1. How can the TCTA help Faulkner be an even better facility?

      1. ** officers or anyone talk to Jake and get his perspective

    2. How has and can the TCTA work with Tyler Parks and Rec [T p&R] to increase Faulkner and other tennis facilities' contribution to city heath and recreation?

      1. In the past TCTA has had a relationship with T P&R

      2. As we increase our visibility and influence, we will want to strengthen our ties to T P&R

      3. NO FURTHER ACTION was agreed upon as the TCTA (of course as a member of the community, your input to city projects and initiatives is appreciated.

  3. 12:16 Tyler Tennis & Swim [TTS] - TCTA relationship

    1. How can the TCAT help TTS?

      1. The short answer is to get some kids programs going and continue to support Jr. Team Tennis [JTT]

  4. 12:25 further ideas on getting the TCTA QuickStart or Tennis for Kids & the Family [TKF] initiative started

    1. General discussion about what our volunteer base might be and what might be some logical organizations for our TKF initiative.

    2. Chris B. and his players are already volunteering in the community and will continue help

    3. ** Chris S. - will contact Kimm Ketelson for his ideas on TCTA TKF

      1. Brookshire Facility at JTT has blended courts.

    4. ** Chris B. - will talk to Jack Elem. Where he has a relationship to gauge their interest

    5. Robyn started a school initiative last spring. Came back in August and taught more teachers. TISD qualified for 3 set of QuickStart equipment. (5 schools / set). Schools that participated would be logical organizations for TCTA TKF

    6. When a school signs up as an Organization with the USTA they get the P.E. Teachers Tennis curriculum guide.

    7. USTA is offering equipment grants to our qualifying organization NETX which could be accessible for TCTA TKF initiative.

    8. NETX has received a Diversity Grant for $1,700 which is accessible to publicize TCTA TKF

    9. USTA is offering Line Grants which will cover 75% of the cost of applying QS lines at organizations' play grounds... Robyn has seen this done in her area, the metroplex, for about $150(total) / court.

    10. ** Edward will inventory existing TCTA QS equipment

  5. USTA QuickStart Court Grants:

    1. ** Chris B. - will work with Robyn to see how Tyler might benefit.

  6. 12:55 next meeting will be February 22, 2012 at 1pm at Tyler Tennis & Swim

  7. Meeting adjourned.

** Name - indicates an action item and the person responsible

Questions, comments, corrections, ideas to Edward - TCTA secretary (my cell 512 755 0089)

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